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Originally Posted by Prithviraj
what is indecent about saying someone is bad...? it was his personal challenge.. he let that came out of his mouth during the test series ..and then you guys took it as a challenge and started abusing him and lost both the test and the one day as well he is relishing his moment...We need characters like Sehwag.. otherwise ..the members of this forum won't have much things to write about.. I totally love his frankness.. he was thrown out of Indian team bcos of bad that time also he said .. I don't deserve to be in the team unlike some players from other nations who retires and then comes back again after making a soap drama for the entire nation
It is called winning with class....he looks and sounds like a small time chump. It's like he couldn't wait to burst out and do a little jig.

India beat Bangladesh....Wow...really, hold the motherf-ing press. Other than a few die hards, I'm thinking 95% of the cricketing world expected India to win. So his 'personal challenge', 'revenge', this contrived 'rivalry' is bogus.

We aim to be your rivals, as of yet we are at best rivals with Zimbabwe(apologies to our cricket fans), so when a top tier teams defeats a lesser team, gloating comes across as quite uncouth.

However as I said, I've got no problems with his actual assessment of our cricket team, we are to put it bluntly, sh*t. We hardly compete in tests, and tonight we were out of the match after the 1st 10 overs.

Australians say Andrew Symonds is a bit of a character...but I'm sure millions of Indians don't see it that mate? Thin line between a character and a prick, I think Sehwag and Sreesanth are pricks, while Harbhajan is a genuine character.
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