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Much better day. Let normalcy get restored.

I am not sure Argentinar gk aar ke hobe. THeir main one was injured prior to starting so this guy comes in... change na koira khali post niya khelbe maybe.

Need solid defense first. khali messi messi korle hobe na. Guy can't take pressure. There are 3 sorroudning him all the time... just his presence should make for a better performance.. kintu baki gula alu khaile ki hobe.

chagols just let in all the goals without even regard to that at the end goals difference may come into play.

asking for a new champ is all great but this is not a world cup if key nations like arg, brazil, germany don't advance past group stage. one need to topple top nations repeatedly to claim world champ.

following arg feels so much like following bd cricket team. afghan ke haraite parbe?
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