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Originally Posted by bangladesh_sy
First you say he should get dropped from the team, because he's not doing any good for the team, but then you go on and in a in direct way almost defend his out. man make up your mind first? and read T_E bhai's post. he played ONLY ONE bad shot. are you sure you watched the same game as I was? and he got carried away? the way he started playing from the beginning he got carried away right after he came in, he was lucky to survive till he scored 39.
I made up my mind, bro. I know what I was talking about. yes I don't want to see him in the Test team. I said this right after the WI Test series. We did watch the game game.

When you are 13/3 in 3/4 overs. what you expected him to do? defend and defend?

he played alright untill that last delivery he played, atleast in my eyes. You can have different opinions.
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