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Originally Posted by Murad
I made up my mind, bro. I know what I was talking about. yes I don't want to see him in the Test team. I said this right after the WI Test series. We did watch the game game.

When you are 13/3 in 3/4 overs. what you expected him to do? defend and defend?

he played alright untill that last delivery he played, atleast in my eyes. You can have different opinions.
bro, do me a favor. try to read gavaskar's column. This Ashraful is a pure waste of talent. he shouldn't be near national team. Even in Odi's. If he loves to play this kind of batting. Hit n miss. He should focus on T-20 rather than playing test cricket or odi's. there are lots of batsmans that can score consistent 30 runs in odi's. Even a 30 runs by batting for 2 hours in a test match is much more valuable than a bombastic 50 runs. Siddons tried to change Ashraful's batting style, still Ashraful is Ashraful with 10 years of experience.
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