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Originally Posted by Mas_UK25
Reason behind these two need to be out and the other two need to be in.
Here is the logic behind:
India are excellent players of spin, and they have some left handers in the line up. Arafat Sunny is not a turner nor mystery spinner, he bowls wicket to wicket but is easily attackable if there are decent players of spin and MARK my words Sunny will go for 40plus if he plays in the final.
Whats the reason for Rony? ABU HIDER RONY could the surprising element BD needs to surprise India with something different; here is a guy who is the best yorker'ist bowler in the land. No other seamers can bowl yorkers as well as Hider, and BD need this factor with wich it will be a different tactic and strategy than playing Sunny as they will know what to expect from Sunny and will go after him hard ( targetting the one of the weak link). So here, we need a pacer who is different, With Rony we get a different option with the ball and this option could be highly crucial.

Why Nasir? Why even Mithun in the side first and foremost! Nasir is one the best fielders in the country, he can bowl few more than handy overs. And his batting is a plus. Sure, he has not done well recent times but his fielding alone can save us plenty of runs and that's alone to pick him ahead of Mithun. Not going to be harsh on Mithun's fielding I dont think he has done too bad, but Nasir can contribute lot more to the team or rather has more capablities than Mithun, especially if you going by all three departments of the game. And playing down the order, Nasir is a MUST for the FINAL.

What you think? What's your plan and thoughts for the final?
Do u really think the selectors will listen to us
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