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Originally Posted by Shaan
considering the situation the way he got out was nothing but misfortune, tell you why, because he came into situation where he has hurry for the quick runs before settling up his eyes, so you hit I miss type of things happened there. I don't blame Shakib, KKR should put him bit up of the order where he can have little time to settle then go for shots. We all know he is capable of biggies..

I found these days our some forum brothers so easily dismiss a person's credit and easily tag him like a crap or whatever..

you don't judge him from one first innings, if you blame then blame Ghambir, Kallis..they had enough time to settle and go for shots..

Shakib will do better (we all know his capability, pls patient) in his batting from the next matches, note my words !!
1st of all regarding the position he bats he'll akways come in a situation where "he has hurry for the quick runs before settling up his eyes" so i wouldn't give that an excuse..and why should we give every time our players fail at something?..its not good

and yes its was just an innings..judging him based on this is not right
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