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Originally Posted by Avik
that 54 off 29 was in a preparation match for the world T20 in England, and the aussies scored so much runs, it didnt matter.

it was like imrul kayes's 93 against Australia, in not much of a pressure situation, and match always lost. thats when we scored 180 chasing 220. and people were praising our batting. like people praised our batting when we scored 283 chasing 370. insignificant and misleading.
Runs are runs whether made in a winning or losing cause. Credit's due where it's due, ashraful's 94 (52) was in a losing cause, but I still rate it as perhaps the greatest attacking innings played by a Bangali esp considering it was in england

Bangladesh's batting was praised because their batting was good, their bowling let them down, the batsmen performed the bowlers didn't-that doesn't take away from how our batsmen played. They didn't steal the runs, there were no under the table dealings and as far as I know Al Pacino wasn't involved either, as George would say "Do not misunderestimate" what our batsmen have done during these individual innings.

Shakib is a decenttwenty twenty batsman-he's been doing enough with the ball-his shot selection was silly but in t20 who doesn't make a mistake or two? Mr Morgan has hardly set the IPl on fire and Dan Christian for all his money is turning out to be another KP or Flintoff or Lara in the ICL.
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