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Originally Posted by babubangla
Matha thik-e asey....khub beshi rokom-e thik asey.
Just consider the context in which I made the comparison.
It's not matter of comparison between Bangladesh and China.
BTV demanded they are the "TOP" in Asia in showing world cup match.
When someone claims themselves "TOP" in Asia--they have to be really top in Asia beating China, Japana etc.
Bother I know your ‘matha khub beshi rokom-e thik asey.’ Eaktu moja korar jonno BTV’r pokkho niya ovaba bolachilam. No hard feeling. Maybe BTV’s boundary of Asia is limited to South Asian region, and they do not count China, Japan etc as a part of Asia!

Originally Posted by babubangla
Should I really have to explain even this simple logic?
You may try but do you think that will reach to BTV officials?
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