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Originally Posted by Nafi
History is past, it doesnt effect the fact, to win a test match you must take 20 wickets. And the current indian bowling attack is not strong enough to take 20 australian wickets.

Case closed.
History is definitely past and by nature, it has always been so. But does history lose it's importance by that? No. History in this case is more relevant. Specifically for Australia. They have made the mistake of under estimating India in the past and have suffered great deal for it- ask Shane Warne and he will tell you hair raising stories of dreadful days and sleepless nights. And the Australian think tank, in all probability, would be turning pages of history right now. They have learned the hard way not to ignore it because as they say, 'history repeats itself'. There is little doubt that they will come with full strength to counter India whom they have admitted as their toughest opponents. Last time India had broken their winning row after as many as 13 straight victories. This time the figure is smaller, but the pride at stake is higher.
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