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Originally Posted by Surfer
Its not an oppressed guy asking for freedom. Its an injured tiger seeking revenge. Australia left us with a wound last time around when they defeated us at our home. We seek a similar fate of this series against the hosts. We want to exorcise the ghost that has terrorized the cricketing world in the last half and one decade.
Bro, really. You should put your name in for writing on CricInfo. Those poetic words don't work in real world my friend. Coz what you're talking about is the best team in the world, not a ghost team. And they haven't terrorized the cricketing world...they simply outperformed every team in this world. According to your definition, USA is the biggest terrorist of this world. I guess?

As for how the series will go, insideedge said it right - lets wait and see. Playing Aussies in their backyard is playing India in their backyard. My honest intentions are not to hurt you, but make you realize that it is next to impossible to beat them at home. It hasn't happened in recent history, and it's not likely to happen anytime soon. But if you insist, lets watch and hope for the best. If India wins, I'll take my share of the humble pie.

As for supporting India, I would do that right when the Indian media and the Indians in general change their perception of their sister nation. It sounds stupid, but you will know how it feels if you were in my shoes.
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