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Originally Posted by Sohel NR
To each his own but interesting take anyway Mijan.

Now consider this: -

Try and make the putt after warping your relationship with gravity and putting on skates, then try and deliver the deftest of touches to put one past a huge goalie past a small goal while 6'4" burly and aggressive Canadian guys are trying to take your head off at about 30 to 40 mph.

The zen-like ability to slow in down in your head while the world around you moves at top speed, so that you can make the right play as required by the unique stuation dictating the always changing role you're playing, makes hockey what it is.

The First Nations settled their disputes this way before European settlers in Canada introduced skates, and replaced the long racket with modified hockey sticks as Lacrosse became a summer sport. It is integral to the very best the New World has to offer.

Put on some skates or rollerblades and put your stick down in the passing or shooting lanes and you'll see bro. Or better yet, go and see the Stars, Preds, Canes or the Thrashers live with your family, have an icredible time rinkside, and get hooked permanently.

TV just doesn't do the game justice ...
Nicely put Sohel.

I am a fan of Woods. Just not a fan of his words. He rarely does anything that doesn't involve money. I thought his comments were ignorant and elitist. But, yes, he is what golf is all about..
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