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Thumbs up A flash cricket game to waste time with...

Hey everyone,

If you've got nothing better to do before tomorrow's game, might I suggest you try this game out? It's a simple flash cricket game on Facebook:

Robi Power Play

Here's the feature list:
  • Casual Cricket: One button to swing your bat... it's that simple! But wait, how good is your timing?
  • 5, 8 or 12 over modes: How much time have you got? There's a game for that!
  • Build your Team: Create a starting XI with you and your friends' names and turn each game into a story... who will rescue your team this time? Who will sink the team with a 12 ball duck?
  • Share your Scorecard: That guy who scored a 12-ball duck? Tell him exactly what you think of him by posting a photo of your scorecard on his wall!
  • Leaderboards: Who's the best among your friends? In the world? Our leaderboards show all! Can you get to the top?
  • Prizes Prizes Prizes! The highest scorer gets an HTC smartphone at the end of the competition. Other high scorers also get phones and pen drives.
  • Challenge a Friend (Coming soon): Set a target that your friend can't chase down. Then watch him try...

Note: You'll need a Facebook account and like Robi's Facebook page to play the game. Check it out here!
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