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8th Test:


Match notes
  • This was the last drawn Test in Australia until 1946-47. G Ulyett's 149 was the first Test hundred for England in Australia and it was the highest score for England on the first day of a Test in Australia until RW Barber scored 185 in 1965-66.

More on Ulyett

An anecdote:

It was on that eventful Tuesday afternoon that Ulyett caught and bowled Bonnor in a way that no one who was present will ever forget. Bonnor's mission was to knock the fast bowler off, and he did his best. He drove a half-volley with all his force, but the ball - travelling faster than an express train - went into Ulyett's right hand instead of to the boundary. Bonnor wandered disconsolately back to the Pavilion, and the England players gathered round Ulyett, curious, perhaps, to know what manner of man he was, and anxious to congratulate him on his escape from imminent danger. One can remember, even now, the look of wonder on the faces of A. G. Steel and Alfred Lyttelton. Ulyett himself was very modest about the matter. Complimented on the catch, when the day's play was over, he said simply that if the ball had hit his fingers instead of going into his hand he should have played no more cricket that season.
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