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Such a deplorable act and not to mention I wholeheartedly condemn this (and I am sure majority of the 'civilized' Muslim world is with me on this)....

Killing a diplomat is a whole new level, but I bet the attackers cant even reach that high up in the thought process in their head. To the attackers it was probably just killing few 'them'. Heck, next up they'll go back to fight among themselves...

Libyan authority claims this was done by pro-Gaddafi group to achieve whatever they wanted to achieve .... and over there its just too easy to get a bunch riled up exploiting religion.

Having said all these, how should the Muslim world respond? I am sure a lot of condolences will be flowing in to the US (& the bereaved families).... all condemning the act, but is that good enough?

Can we actually do something to ensure this wont happen again? Is anyone addressing the actual problem here? I guess we all know the answers to these.....
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