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Originally Posted by roman
Apu, religion doesn't tell us to blow up a building or to kill innocent people or to practice abhorrence. It's those Munafiqs who misapprehend and misinterprete the message and take advantage of some ignorant people. Islam is a beautiful religion but unfortunately some sick and evil people are using it in the wrong direction. We have problems, religion doesn't.
I know that bhaia... I believe in my religion and I respect each and every word of it but what I am saying is how can people be so blind for religion ... Even if someone showed disrespect to our prophet that by no means gives us the right to kill someone.. Jiboner jonno dhormo, dhormer jonno jibon na.. These people are just giving Islam a bad name.. What worries me the most is it's just not a scattered incident.. These people (no matter which religion they belong to) have been doing it for ages.. Taking lives Of innocent people in the name of religion
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