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You just tell me did you use any cleaner recently? Because i met a similar problem after i used ccleaner. I think my ROM is deleted and i do not know why.I really regret that i did not prepare a backup. In fact there are some options before you cleaning your OS when using CCLEANER, i did not notice them ( I think it is a safe mode). The only way after my dvd drive got deleted is to copy my DVDs to USB using HandBrake ( you can see how to do in this article), and insert the usb to my computer, and then watch the video in Windows Media Player (VLC is also okay I think).
So, at last i draw a conclusion, if not necessary do not use ccleaner or any other cleaner. Sometimes they cannot recognize what is okay and what is wrong when cleaning your OS, especially after upgrading your system.

Another possible reason might be that after you reinstall your OS, the disk drive was not installed properly.
In this thread, someone asked a similar question you can refer to :
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