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Default The Local Coach Debate

BCB just positioned this entire thing in a wrong way. The focal point should have been this tournament (BPL) needs the very best coaches in the business. Making it about foreign and local was an absolute blunder.

There is a lot the likes of Moody's and Mahela's can offer which a lot of the local coaches may not be able to. Last BPL we even saw how a reasonable coach like Waqar was getting the best of out under performers like Taskin.

Even we can see a difference in the Under 19's which used to be coached by local coaches and were not going anywhere. However the current side and the one before look very well drilled, well prepared by foreign coaches.

To me BCB is right to employ more qualified foreign coaches in all capacities-fitness, physio, batting, bowling, fielding, HP. But to disenfranchise local coaches like they have done with this upcoming BPL by relegating them to an assistant title wasn't great.
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