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Originally Posted by iDumb
He should be severely peanalized for this kind of behavior. Getting verbal abuse is part of his job - not everyone is gonna praise and sing his name.

I get yelled and cursed at by ppl almost everyday at work. It comes with the territory. And it's actually part of my duty to handle and diffuse the situation. As a player his job is to keep his head down and go to the dressing room.

classic example of stooping down to anothers level - u won't win.
By that token the authorities have every right to eject the guy for verbally abusing him. There ARE rules of the way a person should conduct himself in a stadium - ie with decorum and courtesy. In international matches you can't frikkin get away with racial slurs and other oruchikor abuse.

Having said that my concern is Mushy's temperament. Snapping/cracking just makes it look bad as part of an athlete's temperament.

By the way, you do not have to tolerate any abuse at work. You are providing a service for which you get paid. If someone abuses you s/he can just ff off. (Unless you are security

Next time take a keyboard and slam him on the head if anyone EVER abuses you. Or else just gimme a holler....

It's GREAT to see you back idumb. Forum is dead w.out members like you.... and me.

Yeah just like Trump I had to make it about me.

Legal disclaimer: I am not advocating violence; it was an allusion to the movie Wanted.
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