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Originally Posted by layperson
Good start to the day !!! Netflix is just crazy !!whoa.

Question: does anyone own berkshire stocks ? Share re purchases are not guarantees that the company would buy your stock correct ? So share repurchase may be good for the investors who can sell during that but does this also appreciate the price of the stock ? Is berkshire a buy for a one to two year time horizon or would you rather use that money and stock up on amazon, netflix, FB, googles for a one to two year period ?
Do not own any Berkshire stocks but can give an idea on repurchases. Basically when a company announces repurchases, they might do a tender offer or buy the stocks like any investor would at the market. The tender offer will show what price range they are willing to pay for your stocks and the amount of stocks they want to buy. When you accept, you can decide what price you want and the amount of shares you want to sell. Share repurchases are seen as a good thing so the share price usually appreciates during that time.

As for the stocks you mentioned, I tend to see them all as longer term stocks than one to two year horizon. You could definitely hold them for a one to year horizon and make money on them(depending on the market) but I would just stay invested in them as they are very solid.
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