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Originally Posted by Zunaid
Yes, they could. Welcome to freedom.
You could ??
I didn't know that. May be I was under a different impression given the news usually comes out of USA where you get arrested for not even making printed advertisement but just yelling out few 'hate speech' targeted towards certain race/group/ethnicity:

Delmon Young Arrested for Anti-Semitic Remarks
Source :

Anti-Semitic remarks get MLB player suspended
Source :,7...224024,00.html

The news in brief : Detroit Tigers outfielder Delmon Young suspended without pay for one week after he yelled racist slurs at several men during an altercation

In a different news :

'Elmo' Arrested In Central Park For Yelling Anti-Semitic Remarks
Source :

News in brief :

A man dressed as Elmo, the fun-loving character from Sesame Street, was hauled in handcuffs from New York's Central Park on Sunday afternoon after making anti-Semitic rants to pedestrians and tourists.

The man urged people to read The International Jew, an infamous anti-Semitic pamphlet written by auto tycoon Henry Ford in the 1920s, reported the Daily Mail.

But an anti Muslim message gets court approval to be printed and advertised in one of the biggest establishment, in the name of Freedom !!
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