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Originally Posted by tonmoy.dhaka
Tell me this, when Hefazot tries to demean women, turns every minority (non muslims) of Bangladesh into second class citizens, how many of us resisted?

Forget hefazots, I have been to countless sermons in Bangladesh where the imam openly mocks the hindus (tell me you never heard it). I have studied in an english medium school (DT), where our physics teacher openly said "Jews cannot be trusted". This is the bangladesh of today unfortunately.

Who are we to talk against Trump when we treat refugees in Bangladesh (biharis and rohingyas) worse than Trump can ever imagine. I am not even going to mention about the indigenous people.

Look at this forum itself. We are so huge on protesting against Trump and his anti muslim stance, yet few days back there were hindu temples burned and destroyed in Bangladesh and no one showed even a spec of remorse.

The above is not only true for Bangladesh but most citizens in most muslim countries.

You think the world is blind to our bigotry? No they are not...

As i said before... Please protest against Trump, but also include all the conservative leaders that oppress people. Dont pick and choose and dont be a bigot, otherwise you are no better than a trump supporter.

I have been a liberal all my life, but we are slowly becoming a minority. I am not talking about being a liberal in USA because I am a minority and be a conservative in Bangladesh because I am a majority
There were plenty of people who opposed Hefazot. Hundreds of thousands of people. There were mass protests and there is a unanimous support in all the important places. Daniel Pipes talks about the 5 Ps...politicians, police, press, and some others I can't recall as being paramount in the fight against Islamism in Europe. All the Ps in Bangladesh are aligned against the perversion of Islam that Hefazot represents.

I don't understand why you expect anything decent from the village educated and politically motivated mullahs...they are the rabble rousers of their society. They are the Steve Bannon's of Bangladesh.

If you are a liberal, you have more to lose with the rise of global conservatism unless you have bleached your skin and died your hair and legally changed your name. I can not claim to be a liberal because I'm simply not. I cannot claim to be a conservative because I'm just not.

Do you believe strongly in a woman's right to have fair and necessary access to healthcare? Do you believe that society has a moral responsibility to fairly redistribute resources so that even the poorest people have access to economic mobility? Do you believe that capital punishment is problematic because no justice system is free of bias? Do you believe that LGBT people should have equal rights to straight people?

If you answered Yes to any of those, you've got more to lose than I do, because none of those things affect me directly at the current time. Current time being a significant qualifier.

If you have answered No to any of those, you aren't "liberal" or progressive by the 21st century Western definition of those terms.

Movements like Trumps cannot be supported in part because part of it is "acceptable" or OK. Because then everyone will support some aspect and he will then garner 100% support and you will end up screwing yourself.
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