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Originally Posted by Farhad
Guess who's back?

Too bad Brady's out for the season. Cassel seems to be doing alright on his own though...Hope he keeps it up. 16 off 23 isnt all that bad. Brady only got 13 off 23 in his first game. I'm a bit worried about his reluctance to pass further than 10 yards though. I hear Brady's helping coach him. Next game against weak opposition should be interesting...Thats next week, against Miami :-)

Then again, you never know. I learned that the hard way...
Welcome back Farhad.

The plays are designed to be less than 10 yard or so. That is to minimise the risk of turnovers and protection of the Quarterback. The only bad side is Randy Moss. Everything else is fine. Also their defense is holding up therefore they are not forced to air it out so far.
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