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Originally posted by Dak_Pion
In this regard..........about the exposure of new talents before their maturity..............we should remember the case_file for the Aladiner charak.....we found him from nowhere.....the green wild of Narail.........and suddenly exposed him to the International arena.........and used the kid brutally (especially in the NewZealand tour......) even before his muscles weathered properly !! we are about to loose this great talent! ............we got him back only becoz he is a born fighter. This is just one example. Our system (not only in cricket, but also our society........I myself.....) is infected with this disease of impatience. Time is the only healer. Give them the time to blossom to the full. Dont make them Ashrafull. Please.
Very good point.
This also brings up the issue of fan support. This forum has over 1700 member plus many visitors. Our voices are heard and our ideas, opinions are carried to others. We as fans really do not act in the interest of our cricket development (most of us). We show the impatience more than the think-tanks and people who are directly associated with cricket in BD. There are always numbers of threads, posts about emotional outburst; many of them donít have any thought behind them. There are also some good posts that keep us thinking rather than running with emotion.

We have the responsibility to grow and support our team and management. What we do here reflects on the cricket of Bangladesh. Few of us from this forum will end up working with/for BD cricket in future and we want to have positive impact on our cricket. We have to grow/mature as we ask our players to do the same. Just supporting our team is not good enough, we also need to know when to shut-up and when to speak up.
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