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Originally Posted by Tiger444
Umm Aftab had 80 chances in ODIs and 14 tests..he got lucky in the past by being in the team despite not performing..same with SN..these guys are not good examples..i agree that Raqibul and Ashraful need to be dropped because of their poor form..but who to select? Yes you could move Riyad and Naeem up the order..but then who's going to play down the order if we collapse since always do that? Ya we could put Aftab and Alok down there beccause they can hit well but if we collapse do we really want to rest our hands in aftab and alok down the order? There are a lot of questions left for us to ponder..on the positive side there are 2 more ODIs for the cricketers to prove themselves so we do not have to talk about this..
yes aftab and SN didn't show extra ordinary performance in past. However, they didn't play international cricket for 2-3 years. That doesn't mean that Aftab/SN is going to show the same performance if they get a chance. Now if you move up the batting order of riyad/naeem, you never know they may perform much better. You got to do experiments with the team. otherwise we will see the same result everytime.
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