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Originally Posted by BangladeshFan
so what do you suggest, kick him out? how much junaed scored or imrul or sakib? why r u particularly criticial of him, is his avg really less than them? at his best, he can score big, thats why its important for us to bring out the best of him. Job of the coach is to mentor players, other wise why he is there?
If you want to blame Siddon, there are plenty of other reasons to do that, If you tie it to Ash's lack of improvement as the reason to fire Siddon, that should be least of Siddon's fault in my opinion.

If not only Siddon, who is having problem with Motin as a coach, there is track record of past coaches being frustrated with Ash. For example frustrated Dav stopped talking with Ash.

So if you want to make a case why we should fire Siddon, look for his real shortfall, don't try to make shortfall as if its Siddon's fault that a player playing 50 TEST still cannot learn from his own mistake. A national team coach is definitely not the baby sitter for the experienced players like Ash and mashrafee. it may be little true for newer players, but not players who already played for soo long.

So please give us a break. Don't try to be find new scape goats for Ash's failure. If you think Motin is failing, Its nobody but his own fault and may be his fault of his loyal and sometimes blind supporters who sees no fault what Ash is doing to his legacy as well as to the team. He is becoming from one of the most young talented players in the world is one of the most over rated player and in a way laughing stock of all time who played in the highest level for so long.
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