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However, many of these players are lazy, and so they are great players when the wicket is flat and the ball is old, thereby doing amazing things. Give me a player that scores 50 or 60 when the wicket is green and bowling is of a good standard over the guy who gets 120 off 100 balls on flat track in the second innings of a match any day of the week. You get one player who will say �Right, it is going to be very tough today, I have to work hard for my runs�. And the other player who says �it�s a bit tough today, so I will have a swing at this one, if it works, great; if I get out, no problems, I will have another bat next week�.

I know which player I want in my team. This is one of the reasons why I rate Shamsur Rahman so highly. He is the first type of player mentioned above, the harder it is and the better he performs. When it is easy he gets bored and tends to get out, as he did against Zimbabwe. He simply thought it was easy, hit too sixes in the first three overs off a test bowler, then got out. I told him it was being arrogant, which is dangerous and needs to be curbed. Confidence is great but arrogance is dangerous. This was completely out of character of him and we discussed it afterwards. He turned around a few days later batted the way he normally does and made a very mature 59 not out for Mohommedan. That is a great sign, that he learns very quickly, and so he will continue to get better.
Who is this Shamsur Rahman? He seems to be the perfect #3/#4 batsman.
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