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Default Calling Bangladesh from Abroad


I was trying to see what methods people use to call Bangladesh from abroad.

Here are some I use or am aware of in the UK:

App+internet based: Viber and Imo. basically free, but the other person has to have the app and connected to internet. This is my first port of call but the people I call dont always have internet on.

Viber Out: I bought credit and call Bangladesh if option above doesnt work. It charges £0.05 pm.

Direct- Its quite expensive and my operator o2 charges £1.50 pm (last time checked). Have used this in emergencies or by mistake.

Access Number: You dial a particular access number and then you dial your desired number. Havent used this for 3 to 4 years as I find it unreliable and doesnt always connect. Its £0.05 pm both mob and landline.

Preferential Rates: Operator EE has some preferential rates for their customers Its £0.05 pm for mob and slightly cheaper for lanline, but you have to pay a fee of £5 per month just to get this rate.

Mobile Calling cards: Havent used one for 7 years and not sure they are around. Very unreliable too. Used to buy loads when I was a student.

Specific Sim: I used to temporarily use a sim called Vectone. Its deal was amazing. £10 i got 500 minutes which I could use either for UK or BD (other countries like USA/Australia too). Plus 3GB of data. Only snag was top up was a pain as its not avaliable everywhere. I usually get this for anyone visiting UK. Internet not 4G.
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