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Originally Posted by mufi_02
Fazal mamu will not be happy. He was going non stop how the seniors are the evil and Haturi was our savior

but real credit should go to Papon. He managed to instill discipline through Haturi, that created some clash with the seniors, who in turn took more ownership/discipline in the team, and then got Haturi fired in the end.

masterstroke by papon khalu.
Papon should get zero credit. The guy didn't even appoint a head coach for seven months and it was one of the reason for our embarrassing loss to Afghanistan and tri-series loss to Sri Lanka. As for Haturi, his discipline doesn't really show when the players had rebelled against him. He was considered a tyrant in his approach and isolated himself from the players for that. Haturi would also not attend domestic games but wanted to be a selector. For that he gave Sarkar chance after chance to prove himself but couldn't develop him.
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