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The November nightmare ends on a positive note for the Red Wings with strong back to back wins. This team can only get stronger once Datsyuk and DeKeyser return soon. Of course having Helm, Nyquist and Tatar in the lineup made all the difference. Not only are they scoring, they're also making others, especially Franzen, better. They bring the combination of speed, passion, two-way skills and toughness that has defined Red Wings hockey since the early 1990s. Hope to see Jarnkrok getting an early shot this season.

Our team leaders (40-13-55) really stepped up during this "rebuilding on the fly" and it's great to see Zetterberg amongst the scoring leaders. Alfredsson has been a perfect fit. Howard getting the shutout was also a relief. Gustavsson has been a solid back-up.

But Kenny still has to deal with the useless old players he has signed for more than they're worth, and predictably cannot trade. It is simply awful to watch Cleary, Eaves, Tootoo and Samuelsson wearing the Winged Wheel in light of their utter lack of productivity. Quincey's schizophrenia is also a major issue but we have a number of better, younger D-men to take his place. I haven't given up on Weiss yet but he better start producing what he's being paid for. He's not being paid to compete to be a 4th line centerman. I'll be happy if he succeeds but won't be surprised if he fails. Kenny signed him after all.

Kenny's an overrated joke of GM who has lived on the fruits of Bowman's system for too long. He needs to get fired after this season no matter what happens during the playoffs. There has to be accountability for squandering all that cash for nothing, and no, he has not been forgiven for not re-signing Hossa. Chelios is the heir apparent, but won't it be great to get Bowman out of retirement? Not only our best coach ever, but also our greatest GM ever.
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