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It is what it is Leafs PWN. They are bunch of low lifes in that team. Thats the way they play from coaches to players. They are also excellent in playing the victim card. Orpik hit on Ericksson was a legal hit. Skates never left the ice, shoulders in, drove his body in his chest. Too bad Loui got hurt and he has concussion issues. I feel bad for him. We know all about concussions here! There was no penalty. Perhaps, an interference could have been called. But, that's it. Julien kept on sending Thornton after Orpik. And, you all know what ensued. An assault happened. He slew foot him from behind and started to pummel his face. Now, he is on IR. We are already missing Scuderi, Martin and now Orpik ( Thats three of your top four ). Julien is playing the victim card. Pointing at the refusal to fight ( on Orpik's part ) and rationalizing the assault. So, every legal hit has to answered with a fight by your goon? Anyway...

Compare that to Bylsma, not a fan of his but he did the right thing with Neal , who made no attempt to avoid the head of Merchand. Bylsma said that his own player didn't make an effort to get his knee out of his way. How refreshing! Neal should get suspended. I do not like it, even though Marchand is as dirty as it gets. Still, no room for what Neal did. Funny how Marchand rolled around like he got stabbed, only to get back up right away and spear Kunitz in the face next shift.

League won't do much. There are a lot of Boston apologists in NHL. The commentary from NHL network is shameful. They are basically blaming Orpik for not fighting. Not surprised, because most of the panelists were ex goons, such as Kelly Chase, P J Stock and their ilk.

But, Thornton will get his day. If league doesn't suspend him for long term, some one will take care of him. Julien should get suspended. Won't happen. He instigated repeatedly.

BTW, Man what's going on with Leafs? Injuries? Still good on standing though. Lots of early W's in Sep-Oct. So, point standing is still good. I hope you guys make it. I like playoffs with both TOR an MTL in. Good for hockey.
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