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Originally posted by fab
I agree with Arnab. Whenever my fiancee opens up one of those weird Bollywood magazines, they're always giving us the latest scoop on 'Ash', not 'Aish'.
haha! blame it on your fiance eh.. come on admit it, YOU read those magazines too don't you? We have a few of 'your kind' at work. They're always spewing out stats from Cosmo or Cleo and when questioned about how they know it, they blame thier wives/gfs!
Why do women always get edgy when we narrate facts about them? my fiancee reads bollywood magazines...i don't mind...what i do mind, however, is her telling me every bit of trivia concerning bollywood movie ishtars. i myself don't have any interest in bollywood magazines, although i do occasionally catch a bollywood movie (if my fiancee's paying for the ticket, that is).
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