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Default Firmly believe

Yes, I'm in on with you guys with this. I suppose it will take a few years before every player in the team gets level to some extent - I suppose 11 average test players make a big difference from 2-3 average/good and 8-9 crappy/under-nourished/soon to be senile/juvenile players.

The following will keep on playing for BD -

Sumon,Koushik,Javed Omar,Khaled Mashud, Talha Jubair.......all 5 will become fairly good to great players one day.

The following are however anybodies guess, and if we still get those "real coaches" (Andy/Miandad) visiting BD from time to time, these guys will really be struggling to hold a place:


And finally.......Akram Khan should really be forgotten. Dump your nostalgia with him and Nannu, for if bad form doesn't catch up, age surely will and has.

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