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Originally Posted by Shubho
With all due respect, the films you suggest are indeed too "artsy" for mainstream consumption. And I don't just mean for your average rickshawallah or garment worker; I will happily include myself within that fold. There is a reason why the so-called "bhodrolok" class spends more time watching Bollywood (and to some extent Hollywood) movies rather than Bangla cinema of the kind you recommend. Most mainstream movie storylines move at a decent speed and offer a healthy dose of escapist entertainment. The "high-thought" Bangla movies move at little more than a snail's pace and the plots are way too mundane. While I am happy to watch those movies from time to time, we need a much broader variety of entertainment than the pretentiously intellectual variety that too many people seem to think are the dog's bollocks. No offense.
Koyek jon acchei jei kichutei khushi hoi nai.

Ananta Jalil & Co. are too low brow and crass while the Bangla films I mentioned are 'pretentiously intellectual'?

In any case, those were just examples. There are plenty of other telefilms, natoks etc. that might fall more neatly into your 'escapist' category. Yes, we may not have well-made, multi-million dollar action movies yet but its a gross generalization to say that films/telefilms/natoks like the ones I recommended are all 'slow paced' and 'mundane'.
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