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I was fine after the 1st ODI, kintu ei game-ta amaar mood akabare noshto kore dilo. Shudhu Shudhu bhorbela ghoom theke uthechilam to watch most of them panic, play unnecessary shots, and just throw their wickets away for no reason. The batsmen regressed mentally and are back to the Jamie-Siddons era. Horrible fielding again (regression here too). Dropped catches and overall poor fielding aside, they would have done a much better job getting to the balls if they were fit like your average athlete and not fatasses with bhuries. Sakib's *** is the size of Mt Rushmore now, wtf.

Somebody had mentioned that Mushfiq needs a tactician to consult with ala Imran Khan - Miandad. That's a brilliant idea. Make Sakib/Tamim (or whoever is the best tactician / has the best cricketing brain) the VC-tactical consultant. Someone else needs to be in charge of on-field decision-making. And the team mgmt needs to relinquish more control to the captain(s). It seems Mushfiq is instructed to carry out the pregame instructions word for word. Probably, the more tactical mistakes are made, the more controlling the team mgmt gets.
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