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Originally Posted by Mas_UK25
We need to focus on football too. This is the mega sport the best and the biggest. More cricket fans if your love you nation please support the football team too... no matter what..... Even the cricket team once was the whipping boys of cricket now look where they are....
From my understandings, BFF doesnt have enough funds, nor football gets much fundings in the nation, so how they meant to grow bigger??? If they had half of what cricket gets trust me Bangladesh will be big team in Asian region for sure.

Hope the boys do well best wishes and duas for this qualifying matches for the World Cup 2018.
Sad thing is, I have talked to a lot of Bangladeshi people here in Perth (The Socceroos vs Bangladesh WC qualifiers game is in Perth btw), and no one was keen to go watch it, because a $40 ticket is too expensive and Bangladesh is going to lose anyway and there is no point watching.

This is extremely annoying, if you don't stand up and show support for your team during their bad days, then you don't deserve to jump into their bandwagon if they suddenly start doing good. This has applied a lot for our cricket team too.
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