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Originally Posted by SportingBD
If both the teams didn’t have anything to lose no one would have questioned. Here you have a side that could go second and have a shot at the final if they win next match. It’s about being fair to others in the group. Comilla/Khulna.

What would have been investigated is competitiveness and fairness to all competitors.

My point is such kind of approach would have been heavily criticised in football.
Already made my point that it would have been likely investigated.
oh god. you and I are playing in a tournament. last match is between us. if you win you go to the 2nd round. I am already in the 2nd round. I have had couple of match without any rest. I want to conserve my energy. If I don't give my 100% to conserve energy and you beat me this is no crime. no investigation is needed here. I am allowed to do whatever that will help me to win the tournament.

now if this was a case like this where you and I both jointly play bad and have a bad result which will effect the qualification of a third person this is where you can investigate.

I repeat again RR looked at what is good for them. They are playing the eliminator. it doesn't matter if they face KT,DD or COV in that eliminator because if RR wants to win the BPL they will need to beat all of these three teams

how? it'll be KT vs RR in the eliminator. RR wins and they will have face the loser of DD vs COV. win again and they will face the winner.

So it absolutely doesn't matter to RR who they face going forward. in this situation the best thing for them was to rest their key players so they remain fresh.

is this bad for the tournament? sure it is but you cant investigate this. there was no foul play here.

suppose you have a strong team and you have won first 8 matches in a row with your core team. because it'll degrade the value of the tournament and help other teams you now cant rest your key players? what logic is that?
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