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I am a liverpool fan. So I would not make any disrespectful comment on ManU in this thread. But british journalist (not the tabloid one) also think like me that Man U might be fifth even behind Totenham. During the gloomy days of 90s I watch with awe the tactical manuvere, stragecial decesion by Fergie. But it seems that he lost that completly. No disrespect for Carrick. But do you really believe he worth 18 million, if you consider a proven predator Nilstroy is valued only 10 million by the big spender Real Madrid? And now Man U do not have any striker with proven track record. Smith, Solskjer and Saha are good striker but any day Nilstroy is better than them. Also Saha is a mis master in the form of our Baros, Morientes. And at the age of 33 Solskjer can not play 90 mintues. Smith since his Leeds day spend as much time in hospital as in the field. Giggs and Roony are more provider than scorer. Even if Viera came, do you honestly believe a midfield containing Scholes, Viera, Giggs (all in the wrong side of 30) can match 90 minutes of fast premaireship football.
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