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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Certainly. They're definitely not Burmese, in this the Burma authorities are correct. Its true they may have been in the region for hundreds of years but that doesn't change the fact that they aren't really Burmese. Everything from racial appearance to language to religion screams Bengali.
I fail to understand, how the Burmese authority is correct in saying that they aren't Burmese?? What else they need to do to be Burmese after living their for centuries?? Assam, West Bengal...all of them can claim to be not Indian, if they wish??

Helping and supporting some marginalized groups is ok on humanitarian ground ... But acknowledging such illogical things are not humanitarian at all.

State of Israel is completely un comparable to Bangladesh, or may any other nation on earth. Israel was born with that concept and it's impossible for any other nation's constitution to follow that.

Bangladesh can help them by calling emergency meetings of UN general assembly, as a country threatened by the act of its neighbor, make diplomatic notice around the globe with Islamic and western governments to gain support, and can make it a legal issue through UNHRC, Minority rights groups etc to examine the legality of Burmese government, how they omitted these people from their constitution etc, which can force Burma to resolve the issue. Instead of focussing on temporary issues like opening refugee camps for all Rohingyas. In extreme case, BD can ask for military intervention by UN in Burma to secure the Rohingyas ... Giving them shelter will uproot them from their land forever.

Or simply Arm Rohingyas and help them to fight their battle with the other ethnic groups in their area, so to force the government to come to a settlement.
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