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Originally Posted by abu2abu
Thanks chaps.

I was reading comments by "Nippon" in the feedback section of the piece. He really misses the point, I was not suggesting BD would have beaten a full-strength WI side, I was merely observing that Reifer's side contained some players who were good enough to get into a full-strength WI side on merit alone...
Seems that Nippon guy missed the interview from legends:

After all the years of success West Indies cricket enjoyed, is it hard to see the side so low in the rankings and being beaten by Bangladesh?

Viv Richards That is tough [chuckles, but is suddenly serious]. Let us forget the rubbish about the depleted team: when you put a team out, that is your country's team. Don't give me no excuses. Bangladesh must be given credit, and I am not quite sure that the first-choice guys would have been able to do any better.

Wes Hall I'm not sure that was the West Indies side that was beaten by Bangladesh. You might remember that the best 35 players weren't available.

Garry Sobers I don't agree. They were the best side available. They were the West Indies. In 30 years, when you look in the record books, it won't say, "Oh, the best 35 players weren't available." Besides, why are you so sure that the first-choice team wouldn't have been beaten by Bangladesh? I'm not.

Richie Richardson It is hard, but my tears dried up long before we lost to Bangladesh. When I was playing, I was getting frustrated because I saw the way we were heading. The players at the time were very concerned but we weren't listened to. It's still sad, but sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can bounce back, and I am hoping we have hit rock bottom.
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