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Let me tell you why he doesn't have a place in test team:

1. Can you put him in top 6 batsman? If so, who are the other batsman? I simply do not find him. Because there are batsman like three top order (Junaed, Tamim, Kayes), Ashraful, Rakibul and Shakib. I guess there are also better technically as well as inperformance batsman like Kapali, Nafis Iqbal, Nayeem Islam. Even you take seven batsman he is not there.

2. Can he be within top 4 bowlers? If you take 3 pacers (in specific scenerio only two spinner), one spinner, it would be enamul junior or Rajjak. There is no difference between Nayeem and Riyad.

Can you see him in 20/20?

1. He doesn't have stroke to be fit in 20/20. You can look into all the chances even in 20/20 world cup or in WI.

Only place, he can be think of his ODI but look at his ODI bowling and economy? He is hard working, well to me this guy doesn't have a place. Even in both the ODI they played against Zimb, if Rajjak comes where do you see him?

In conclusion, I can do little bit bowling and little bit batting, these kind of alrounder will be in big trouble. You have to be very good in at least one side. We can argue but I simply don't see his place unless he improves. DO not compare him with Shakib, even during early stage, Shakib was very good ODI alrounder.
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