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Interestingly, Pybus played a key role behind Simmons' sacking. Now they are up against each other again for a job!
Technically, Muirhead was not Simmons' boss. That was Richard Pybus, the WICB director of cricket. Simmons had mentioned in an interview that he and Pybus were not on the same page. "Relationship is a difficult word," he had said of Pybus, soon after the World T20 triumph. "He communicates via emails but he has not spoken to me since the suspension. It's sad because this is not about him or me, this is about West Indies cricket."

At last weekend's meetings, the board discussed several reports including the "Cricket Report" submitted by Pybus and the CEO's report prepared by Muirhead. Pybus' report was an overall review of cricket across the Caribbean, not limited to the West Indies teams and coaching staff.

Reiterating the lack of alignment in strategies, Muirhead said: "It has been an ongoing thing where I think Phil, in all that he has said and done, he has not aligned… the relationships were breaking down. I think he himself had ideas for a different strategic approach, notwithstanding one already having been approved and adopted by the board. I don't think he was aligned with that."
This is another glaring example that Pybus does not work well with others. Last time he complained about too much interference from BCB to implement his own strategies, yet he would not let Simmons to implement his own strategies when Simmons was the Windies coach!
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