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read the whole

You missed some of the other sections. Reading the whole article it looks like there was a conflict between Murihead (rather than Pybus) and Simmons. In that article, Murihead mentioned mentioned that was a communication problem with Simmons. Few more sections from that article

The decision to relieve Simmons of the job was taken by the board of directors at the quarterly WICB meeting last weekend in Dominica. It is understood the directors were asked to vote on the matter, but Muirhead would not reveal whether it was a unanimous decision to terminate Simmons' contract. "It was the board's decision. Let us leave it at that," Muirhead told ESPNcricinfo.
Muihead: "It is a whole number of things over a period of time. I can't say it was really one thing. There is no one thing that defines what may have taken place. I think things came to a climax when a decision needed to be made."
Reiterating the lack of alignment in strategies, Muirhead said: "It has been an ongoing thing where I think Phil, in all that he has said and done, he has not aligned… the relationships were breaking down. I think he himself had ideas for a different strategic approach, notwithstanding one already having been approved and adopted by the board. I don't think he was aligned with that."
Muirhead said he had had conversations with Simmons, and he had to intervene on quite few occasions to resolve issues.
Also when Simmons was suspended, he was suspended for his outburst in the press for his displeasure with the team selection. Rightfully or wrongfully WICB was mad at him, it looks like it has little to do with Pybus.

if this is the case, he (Simmons) will not survive with BCB too long.
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