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Originally Posted by Fazal
Your concern about Pybus is very valid. But I don't know why your are trying to make a link as if Pybus is the reason for the conflict between WICB and Simmons. I read that article, its looks like the conflict was more between Muirhead and Simmons. Aslo I read articles about Simmons suspension.
Let me break it down for you-

1) Pybus was the direct boss of Simmons, not Muirhead. As per Simmons, he did poorly to communicate with him.

2) The strategy that Muirhead was so hell bent on implementing was developed by Pybus.

I am not holding Pybus solely responsible for the mess that WICB was in 2014-16. But he did play a large role in it from what I understand (fyi - not saying this based on this one article only).
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