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Originally Posted by Rubu
No Bro, not at all. What I liked today is that they did not go into their shell right away and just tried to play off 50 overs. Instead, they kept an eye on RR as well, as without a good score on board, you cannot fight. Sure they failed, but they tried. Thats what makes me mad when they play for honorable defeat. When they play positive, days like these will come. And I'm willing to accept that. Mind it, a defeat is a defeat and there is no such thing as an honorable defeat. So, what difference does it make if we score 200+ and lose or score 150 and lose? Nothing. however, if we play positive, we get a chance to win. That all it matters to me.
Please take a look at how most of them got out, they got out by trying to play big shots in swinging and bouncy conditions and when the team was in dire straights. They could take singles and twos and still be able to score at 4+/over which they could not with the mad hitting. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw razzak hitting monty when he knows the better hitter is just on the other side of the pitch.
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