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Default Hypocritical?

I cant help but feel most members here are being hypocritcal....seriously, when we lost to zimbabwe, i was defending shakib, but i remember clearly many many, infact most of them, in support of shakib being relieved of captaincy, not impressed with captaincy issues, he shouldnt be a leader due to his misdemeanours....but now when he actually isnt, suddenly, everyone starts going against.....alright, i know bcb took a hasty decision, but in the end, u guys got what u wanted right...and remember, mushfique was the captain since age level cricket captaining shakib and tamim when they all were in teens, and we had the best youth team under mushfiqur, i was always in support of mushfiqur after maybe its just a blessing in disguise, shak will go all out to prove his greatness, although i wanted him to be captain, but if shak can deliver even more than he was as a captain, then i think we wont have any problems, and mushfiqur was a captain for a reason, and in most decisons on field, mushfqir is the first person shakib consults with....can just be the different little tweaks we required for a perfect team combination...overall...tamim and shakib will have to now face lesser attention is the biggest plus i think to come out of their sacking, or every other time, their comments as capt and v captain would have been scrutinized and bc members would have talked again how they dont deserve to be captain and v cpatain, ironic indeed, or i dare say, hypocritcal??!!