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First of all, what you downloaded is not ISO image. So before you can burn anything on CD, you have to completely decompress everything on your hard drive.

Secondly, you have to decompress each file individually. I don't have the original files anymore on my computer. So can't remember. But I think it had 60 some ZIP file. Each ZIP contains a RAR file. Once you are done decompressing the ZIPs into a single folder into RAR, you should see 1 EXE file among those RAR files. Run that EXE file. This program is auto extractor for RAR. Click on approprate buttons and that will extract all the RAR files into 1 folder.

Once you are done with that, you will find a file called SETUP.BAT in the folder where you just decompressed the RAR files. Run this file by double-clicking on it. This will open up command shell window and computer will start audio decompression (decompressed from MP3 to wav). This will take some time. Wait and watch.

The last thing is to double-click on the file SetupReg.exe . This will fix registry file.

Once everything is done your cricket 2004 will about about 900MB in size. You can't fit it on 1 CD. If you want to keep a copy of it in CD, you have to copy the files before you run SETUP.BAT file. You can't play it from CD.

Before you play setup your graphics by running CricketConfig.exe.

The game is pretty good, but it doesn't have the commentary! I miss commentary

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