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^^^the thing is: I was heavily involved in a lot of after school extracurricular activities...I graduated at the top 20% fo my class from high school with Alhamdulillah GPA 3.52(don't be fooled by this number, this is not that difficult thing to do , In fact by the BANGLADESHI STANDARD, THIS IS QUITE POOR ). I was part of National Honor Society, president of the chess club, environmental club, film club, spanish club, history club to name a few...i also did a lot of community service. i also applied very very very early i got my acceptance letter on january first, 2007 SubhanAllah!

to help you out here, What colleges really look for is leadership qualities.: for starters, the best analogy i can think of is leading prayer in masjid or organizing events/fundraisers or any club...or even more simple if you say something like I took a job at a grocery store just so i can pay off bills, in my book, I consider that a leadership quality because you took Responsibility...

long story short: have you done anything in your life that others consider you responsible for? anything, it could be mowing the lawn for your neighbor, or coaching a little league baseball team, no matter how small the achievement is: if anything that shows that you took responsibility/successful completion of a certain task/project, the people who will read your application should be very impressed .

They want to know you as a person, they also want to know what are some of your hobbies, which tells a lot about the person. These information will tell them that what this person is capable of giving to our university/community.

How about tutoring? have you tutored anyone on math? that counts too....

I forgot to mention one last thing, you are excellent with minute details, you know pretty much a lot of things about a lot of people here that some members don't :p

hobbies and interests: I know you love food,i do too btw have you ever cooked for a big group? these things count...
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