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Originally Posted by Ace of BD
dont want to bring in history here, there was a reason for 71' taking place, but sports and political history shouldnt be mixed, fine......its not abt emotional, its abt thought process...even osman samiuddin wrote abt how paks have to think of conspiracy in evry other thing, which is dragging them backwards, and this is like a spreads......and once again, i reitierate.....there r good people too.....but then again, what abt sa during apartheid era, there were good people in south africa too, they werent emotionally driven, so why they were banned, yes there was a reason, same here, there is a reason for the need of pak to be banned.....ICC come on do it, until they get their act in order
please brother dont say like that ............. ICC cannot ban Pakistan because if does then it will be proven that ICC is indian cricket council ......... but as i said earlier it wont be long when Bangladesh and Pakistan will be dominating world cricket ............
and if i said something wrong iam sorry brother