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I started watching Heroes..couldnt keep up with my busy schedule...
Watch House sometimes, like the show. As i have complete zero background of medical issue, i like the drama and like any house fans, the eccentric nature of the central character.

Lost.... i got lost after few episodes of first series..never returned....

Prison Break... i heard a lot about the show, never just quite got into it, more cuz of time scarcity.

..and since i got back in bangladesh.... the series i miss the most is SCRUBS...
Absolutely love the show. Isnt series 5 was the last one so far? cuz if it is, im up to dated...

too bad nothing is on air here ... crappy "star world" still broadcast freinds and seinfield. Those were great back then, but i mean, c'mon move on... havent we all watched every single of those episodes like a million times already?
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