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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
Q1: (NVM)

Q2: I know you talked about your "dream"/"goal" to have a Bdeshi attack with 4 pacers, on your last BC interview, but I know we aren't quite there it. But we did start with 3 pacers in the past, but not too often. We always stack the team with SLA and All round spinners, but lets say your 3 of your pacers are ready to start a game together, and deserves to start over one of those spinners, can you make that happen? Do you have a say in that at all? Or it's just up the the selectors and the coaches?

Q3: Do you think our WC squad's a seamer short?

Q4: Favorite baseball team?
Q2: We can play 3 fast bowlers overseas, which is what I said in that article you refer to in your question. If we had 4 fast bowlers bowling really well there is no reason to think we couldn't play 4 in some countries. You cannot achieve a dream or goal of that in the 4 months I have been here. But I can see it in a few years time.

Q3: The WC squad is very balanced for our own conditions. I think we would possible have one more fast bowler if that fast bowler could bat in the top 7/8. But we do not have such a player at the moment. In another answer I felt that Dolar Mahmud could be the sort of player that could do it, but he has yet to fulfil his rich promise.

Q4: New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies
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